CLIMB Mentorship Program: Week 1

Apoorva Aggarwal
1 min readFeb 9, 2021

Coming from a technology background, being in Information Technology branch, you rarely get to know about what goes on inside the Non-Tech world, and when coding sucks, it becomes a necessity for you to go out and look for things that may make you happier and excited, and where work doesn’t seem to be work anymore.

That is when, by mere chance, I came across this opportunity being offered by CLIMB DTU, the Mentorship Program, and applied for it, and luckily got selected as a Mentee for the same.

And then, Week 1 of the Mentorship Program came out to be really informative and engaging for me. Ranging from careers in Non-Tech field — Tech Consultant, Software Consultant, Product Management — to skills required in all the fields above — to internships in these fields, everything was just so insightful, and more fun with Shristi Mehrotra Mam!

Shristi Mam not only made us better understand the Non-Tech arena but also cleared all our doubts with utmost patience. Along with these, she also shared her own experiences as an intern in various disciplines, ranging from content writing to research internships domain. She even gave us insights into what all needs to be done to bag on-campus & off-campus internships.

All in all, the experience of the 1st week was really inspirational for me. Looking forward to more such amazing days! :D