CLIMB Mentorship Program: Weeks 2 & 3

Apoorva Aggarwal
1 min readFeb 27, 2021

The last two weeks of the program had been really exciting, & I enjoyed them after getting a lot of insights about solving guesstimates, case studies, & projects related to Data Analytics.

Week 2 was about understanding guesstimates and solving them. I personally had fun discussing solutions of guesstimates given by Shristi Mam, with the whole group. Then we were introduced to case studies, how you need to solve them with a funnel approach, breaking a single bigger problem into multiple smaller problems, & then think as much as you can, for the ideas to solve a problem.

Week 3 was about solving a case study, we were given a case study & had to solve it. It also consisted of a Data Analytics project, where we were introduced to the basics of Data Analysis, & the various steps involved in it, ranging from Data Cleaning to Data Manipulation, to Data Visualization.

All in all the mentoring culture has been centred on learning, sharing new ideas, increased engagement, retention rates & skill development.

Along with these, CLIMB DTU also had a webinar for the Techies, where WTM Scholars like Akanksha Tanwar mam talked about how to grab this opportunity & Shreoshi mam discussed & taught GitHub skills & how to start with open source contributions.

Well now, I am really excited about the last week of the program…!!!